I am Ana, an intuitive consultant for entrepreneurs and creatives. Energy alchemist, modern mystic. Empowering through the Divine Feminine and shifting the legacy of wealth through conscious entrepreneurship.

Engaged intuitive insight, energy alignment and inspired action are the keys to catalyze change. 

By looking beyond the surface of outer circumstances while using my intuitive gift and my intellect to discern impeccably, allows me to see clearly; pathways, trajectories and influences. Tuning in to view what is really happening, in the energetic field. This is the essence of my work and its astounding laser beam accuracy.

What it delivers is radically unfiltered truth.

Seeing the truth of a situation and navigating it. Knowing what is in accord and what is not is what I do best.

This gift of discernment brings clarity, to whatever your endeavor, crisis, transition, situation is calling forth for you to see. Holding a sacred space of compassion, without judgment, so you can see, be and feel your truest nature, up close, personal with a trusted and kind ally.

Envision the world you wish to live in, and then take inspired action to create it.

Why: When I listen to my intuition it unfailingly steers me well. So I choose with all of my being, all of my knowing, which I have learned to trust implicitly. By being called upon in various diverse situations, again and again, to use it and in doing so being shown its sheer power and its immense accuracy; the grace invoked by tuning in with intention and clarity.

This just seemed natural to me, like second nature, to see what was required and to reveal that. What I came to realize is that what I could do was both worthwhile and exactly what was needed; compellingly so.

Believe in Possibility. Trust in your own nature. Open your eyes to see all there is to see.

Transformation: I have lived the path of transformation by creating the life I wish to live on my terms. By sifting through beliefs and ideas that did not fit me; discarding those that were not mine anyway.

Creating a wholly redefined, reimagined life based on what I hold to be true.

This is why I know it can be done and why I know you can do it too; bringing the unparalleled gifts of joy, ease, and freedom, in the truest sense, by embracing who you are and taking inspired action to create the change that you seek.

What really makes my heart sing is when I see a challenge resolve and dissolve with ease, this is what I facilitate in session. Creating a pathway for new perspectives and fresh choices to occur.

Embracing all of who you are matters, it shifts everything. There is no other way to fully understand the power you have to choose than to recognize the impact choice makes.

Shift the energy, shift the beliefs, the perceived constraints- see magic happen!

Intuition: I have been an intuitive from the earliest time I can remember. It has shaped and influenced every part of my life. The more I tried to ignore it or to only hold to rational reasoning or my intellect alone the more it would smack me upside the head with its blazing truth. It has taken time for me to fully embrace it.

Rewarded in school for being smart, while skipping grades and being ahead of the curve, propelled me to cultivate my braniac side. Even though I knew at a very young age that I perceived things differently,that I could see and feel things that others were not aware of, it still took a lot of unsatisfactory trying to fit the mold made by others to lead me to finally blasting the mold to smithereens.

This inspired me to create a new one made of super power infused, divinely inspired, flexible material just for me.

Timeline: At seventeen I was on a fast track combined MBA/LLB degree, which got derailed, thank goodness, by my body giving out. Getting sick got me well. It allowed me to move in a new direction.  At 23, I was on a hot shot track at an ad agency, got promoted to Creative Director, and then left to go on my first spiritual retreat; connecting me to my spiritual path which lives at the core of my life. Total blessing!  

More than twenty five years ago I embarked on my Buddhist spiritual path. It has led me to remarkable encounters with and blessings, empowerments from the most amazing and realized beings of our time. I have been so blessed to sit at the feet of these great masters, to have their wisdom and care poured into me. I take these blessings that I have received directly to heart.

Vision: Wealth and all its myriad forms is both fascinating and a world of its own; a world I love to navigate.

Economic change ignites global change. Empowering the next generation to step into a brighter future. One filled with hope, defined by innovation, fueled by optimism and steeped in possibility.

It is this bigger arena, the larger calling of how do we heal this world that fuels my commitment to fully be who I am now.

I love to catalyze change. To transcend limitations and cultivate true actualizing of ideas, talent, resources, while maximizing potential.

Delivering a radiant world of richness fulfillment and prosperity for all.

Creating from joy, inspired by desire. Taking action is key. We shift this world and the paradigms within it, every moment we choose to embody fully who we are.

























‘If you have the good fortune of working with Ana, then count your lucky stars, and open to your life changing in powerful and wonderful ways. Her gift and ability to navigate, cut through and get to the heart of the issues at hand is truly extraordinary.’  

Elise Peters Designer/Artist, Oregon

'I would encourage anyone in complex business relations to seek working sessions with Ana.  Her ability to combine business sense with intuitive work is completely unique and immediately helpful.’ 

Carolyn Myers, Theatre Director San Francisco

‘Ana’s approach opens my mind up to constructive and healthy ways of thinking. She has taught me about the power of energy and how to use it in a positive way. Ana understands the way I create and is able to perceive what I need... the words she uses and the phrasing really speak to me. She speaks my language. Not only is she good she is excellent. Really.'

'I have listened to the tapes many many times, Ana gets to the essence every single time. I have never met a professional who had that ability.'

L. H Artist, Paris, France

‘Ana is a gem of gems’

‘With Ana, there is no pretense, no woo woo, no touchy feely. This is REAL, down to earth, no B.S. here. She is guiding me on my own path to find total freedom–in love, joy, ease, in truth and clarity, with total support and protection.

As old habits and baggage fall away, I can feel this, can see it, be it, embrace it more and more. How? Because this is the essence that Ana embodies within her own being.

With her insightful gifts, enormously compassionate heart and keen mind, she helps us navigate our world in order to manifest our visions, our dreams to their fullest extent.’

E Yang, MD, Tucson, Arizona