Year of Transformation

kuanyin11We are all in relationship. With ourselves, with each other and with the world.

How we ‘relate’ with all the aspects of ourselves, our hopes and dreams, our loves and our losses determines the quality of our life.

What we create and the endeavors we are called to manifest come from the intangible realm of wishes, dreams and aspirations.

What I do in particular is work with you energetically and all of the Divine support available to assist you in being more centered in your life, more fulfilled in your day to day world.

Creating alignment with what you wish to create from a place of deeper knowing and clearer certainty.

The Year of Transformation is a revelation of all that you wish for as you release all that no longer serves you. It requires a deep commitment and a lot of curiosity.

What you are seeking is revealed through the work of clearing what is in the way of your truest heart’s desire.

Duration ten to twelve months of one on one personal mentoring with on going connection and commitment for established entrepreneurs and artists/creatives who seek deep transformation.

Weekly 60 minute calls or alternate week 75 minute sessions, according to your schedule and right timing.

This is your time, and I wish to support you fully in what is needed, allowing you to release all that no longer serves you while gaining clarity and certainty in what does.

$85, 000

This program is open to established entrepreneurs or artists/creators who are fully ready to manifest and are willing to lean in to release all that holds them back.

Expect big shifts, a lot of laughter and joy and more ease, space, and wonder as you become who you ARE.

It is my pleasure to assist you in this truly transformative collaboration.




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What to expect:

Deep contemplative understanding of your wishes and dreams and a thorough and grounded approach to bringing them to fruition.

  • Clearing away of what no longer serves you. Alignment with what does.
  • Clarity and inspired action.
  • Energy alignment and significant shifts in your inner world.
  • Deeper connection, expanded understanding, ease and harmony abide
  • Knowing what is right for you now.

The biggest shift, of our dynamic collaboration in session, shows up most directly in what you choose to manifest. Defined by understanding what is of value to you and what is a priority.

You can customize how we use our time.  Generally three consecutive weekly calls (60-75 minutes) per month with a week to integrate. Or you may prefer extended calls (90 minutes) every other week. Included within this program are forty hours of session time.

Full support and accommodation of what you need when you need it in how we utilize session time.

I will review whatever you send me via email, personally and get back to you with ideas/ insights as appropriate or review in our next session.

Access to the program is by invitation only. An Attunement session is a prerequisite, so please go ahead and book one here. This is to allow you to experience the work, and to see if it is a fit for both of us.

Terms and Conditions:

Please note that the fee for the Year of Transformation is pre paid and is fully non refundable. If you require a payment plan please specify this in your application. You may pay in four installments of $23,750, if you need a different arrangement, please let me know.

The framework of the Year of Transformation is generally two 75 minute sessions per month or weekly one hour sessions for three consecutive weeks. The schedule is flexible and can be adapted to what best suits you. It allows you direct email access to me to deal with issues as they arise as well as full energetic support.

Review the information about this program carefully as it is my wish that you engage from a conscious place of understanding, awareness and commitment.

Contact me with any questions or further clarification via the contact page.

It is my intention to always hold your highest ideals to be made manifest and so I am asking you to be with your intention fully and to communicate clearly via the application page why you wish to participate in the Year of Transformation. This will allow me to know more about you and your situation.

Please note that 72 hours notice is required to reschedule or cancel a scheduled session. This time is being held for you and as such, is non refundable and firm within that timeline. All fees are non refundable.