The Activator: Three months, Two 75 minute calls per month; six calls 

Wealth envisioning and idea to action is the focus of this three month intensive. Delivering clarity, insight and inspiration.

We unlock anything in the way of your vision through shifting the energy first around what is holding you back. What is true for you? What is it you wish to create, align, change?

Getting clear on what you truly desire is key to where we begin.

Clear intention allows you to make clear choices.

Through our dynamic collaboration in session big shifts occur which allow your inspiration, enthusiasm to reignite, sustaining your idea meeting the world successfully. This changes how you feel and the inspired action you take.

Having the idea is the ‘gold’. Aligning you with that wealth so you create from a place of wholeness, joy and enthusiasm is a core component in all of the work that I do.

Some results you can expect:

  • shift in your current situation
  • envision your idea with joy
  • create a fulfilling business/enterprise that works for you
  • launch your creative expression with daring, ease and joy
  • generate income utilizing your unique gifts
  • clarify your understanding of your strengths
  • do differently; accomplish more with greater ease
  • mobilize changes that bring fulfillment and prosperity
  • generate products/services, offer them in alignment with who you are

     $15 950

When you Seal your Intention with Action………Miracles Happen!


Ready to make it real?

You can have what you envision.  It takes getting clear. Then moving that clarity into action by the choices you make.

The Activator allows you to move your business or creative endeavor into flow.

Clear intention allows you to make clear choices.

It would be my pleasure to explore what you are wishing to shift, envision or create.

Book an Attunement Session to begin if you have not worked with me previously. This allows you to experience the work and see if it is a fit for both of us.





Please note 72 hour notice is required on scheduled appointments. Payment in full is required prior to sessions. All payments are non refundable.