Who is in your Business?

This an enormously important question to ask.  For business owners it is an imperative, since it is the advice of those closest to us which impact our success, influences our decisions and can either support or imperil our own trajectory.

Walt Disney was renowned for being bold, and direct for his firm unshakeable belief in what he saw as possible to create. So much so he truly would bet the farm to bring something into being, despite setbacks, cashflow issues and  even when all around him, some seasoned with more experience, were naysayers, disbelievers. We have all encountered them, to one degree or another; that snide comment as you describe with enthusiasm something you really really wish to do.

The response to our truest wishes and desires can determine whether we step in or step back, so it is crucial to know who is influencing you and what you really believe to be true, possible and worth pursuing.  What does a not so stellar response to our dream to our idea mean to our belief that it is possible; well it wobbles it a little or whole lot.

Simply because the joy, the momentum, daring and sheer gumption of doing is the first and most crucial step. So if we are uncertain or allow ourselves to be taken off course, it can mean everything.

The Universe comes in to meet us in this Quest to create, full on, which is why you do need to watch who you discuss, share and invite into the conversation, the envisioning of what you wish. It is sacred and pure and you need to garner this certainty in knowing this is truly what you want, so that when you bring into the realm of form you can withstand the elemental pressures with more ease.

So what does it mean to know or to ask who is in my business.

  • Check out who is advising, investing, directing, impacting, creating or not with you.
  • Look at your team, who do you listen to, who is working for you and who is against you even though they may be on your payroll!
  • Especially look at those who influence your decisions, your strategy, initiatives are they with you are they open
  • What is there go to response when a new idea hits the board
  • Watch the room, watch the dynamic between the players in your world.

All of this is absolutely crucial to the Success of your venture and frankly whether you sleep well at night as well.

Team is terrific when it is aligned, impacting positively what we create and how we sustain it in the world.

I specialize in aligning you with the core of who you are. We work together to unblock what is in the way beliefs, issues, resources, team.

Clear action from clear understanding cultivates your business  to be aligned for success.

I love bold moves and applaud the audacity of daring, considered  and applied action propelled from moments and sparks of sheer delight and ingenuity.

I invite you to take your idea further, to allow the possibility of what you envision to manifest.  Ready to take action? Schedule an Attunement session here to explore how to align your world for prosperity and success and create all that you desire.