How to know if you’re ready?

You know that great line Jack Nicholson roars in that movie from ages ago….He says when put on the spot ‘ The Truth! You can’t handle the truth!’ Well if you think this applies to you, keep looking.

If however, you know you have good ideas, you’re feeling frustrated in your life, your business. You’re tired of being at your wits end. You just really want to feel inspired, connected, making a difference and open to seeing what’s really going on….then simply connect.

Some clients exclaim in relief in session for the first time, that they thought they couldn’t show up such a mess. It’s really OK. I specialize in challenging situations, and ideas to action. Meeting you exactly where you are with kindness and lazer beam precision.

Seeking fulfillment, meaning, inspired action. Yes you’re ready.

Think it is everybody else, your parents, the economy, what you ate that is the reason for your discontent. You’re not.

Another really seductive avoidance tactic you may be dealing with is:  Ok I really want to sign up, just need to get this in place and that thing over there… Guess what…that day of having it together never arrives!

There is only now. Only from here can you instigate change. You already know what has gotten you to this point so it is likely that doing things differently may be in order.

I specialize in connecting you with your own knowing, understanding and intention. From this place you choose with clarity. This changes your world.

Wherever you are is just fine with me, you don’t have to figure anything out right now. A simple willingness to explore, to see, to face with honesty what’s happening. That’s what it takes.

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Still Percolating?

What I can tell you is the success of your choices often depends upon how clear you are when you make that choice. Likewise I invite you to sit with this possibility of our work together. How do you feel right now? What comes up for you?

I invite you to look a year out and see what is possible.

What do you imagine as your ideal world? Where would you like to be?

What does the rhythm of your day look like? Who sits with you at the table with your business? Are they with you or not? How does being empowered feel, what is its value?

I am here to assist you in making the clearest decisions aligned with your own knowing. Delivering prosperity and alignment. What is that worth to you?

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Wishing you well.