These are answers to a few general questions:

How do sessions work? What about if we go over time? What is your billable rate per hour? Can I customize session time? What if I don’t have a business?

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Here is how your session/time works:

Whether you have an Attunement Session or a regularly scheduled session booked as part of the packages these basic rules apply:

1) How does a session work? How long is a session? Can I customize the frequency of the call schedule?

  • We talk by phone between the hours of 11 – 3 pm pacific or other agreed upon time.
  • The duration is 60-75 minutes generally.  Extended sessions are 90 minutes.
  • Session times/frequency may be customized individually or utilized as outlined in the package guidelines. Extended time is either calculated at my current billable per hour rate or deducted from the time purchased as part of the purchased package.
  • These are general guidelines and apply unless otherwise agreed upon.

2) What is your billable rate per hour? What is your cancellation/ refund policy? What if I am late for or space out my scheduled appointment time?

  • Billable time is $2500 per hour for all session time,  (except for Corporate Clients) All extended time in session calls, additional calls are calculated at this rate or balanced with the package purchased.
  • 72 hour notice, three days, is required to cancel or reschedule your appointment time.
  • Your time is being held for you and as such all fees are fully non refundable.
  • The session time marks the beginning of billable time, your session begins then.
  • If for any reason you are late to begin your session you have a 10-15 minute (maximum) grace period to ‘arrive’,  after which the session will be forfeited, at the discretion of Ana.
  • As well, if we go ahead at the scheduled time, your session may be adjusted by the late to show time amount. This is at the sole discretion of Ana/ Dakinis Wisdom.
  • Sessions not previously scheduled and requested impromptu, outside of my scheduled time slots  will incur billable rate of 2.5 times my regular rate.

3) Do you offer in person sessions? Generally, I do not offer in person sessions.  However, in rare instances I make exceptions. If it serves the client best and for corporate on site team alignment or to view land/building sites. There is a two hour minimum session time, $3500 is my rate per hour. As well in person sessions require my personal approval and coordination with my schedule.

Do you travel to meet clients? For all travel out of town, all expenses are handled by the client and require a three day minimum not including arrival day. Expenses include business class or higher airfare, deluxe accommodations in a hotel of my choosing and all expenses related to my stay. As well, it requires coordination with my schedule, which is generally booked several months in advance.

Are you available to assist with land/builiding purchases, acquisitions and wealth management? Yes. I assist with balancing asset allocation, releasing blocks to the sale and/or purchase of land holdings/real estate portfolios and coordinating timing for transactions regarding all of these questions. See Wealth Review for more details.

Note: There is a percentage fee scale, in addition to my consulting fee, for all mergers/acquisitions and land/real estate/building purchases or sales.

Clearing the energy around any purchase or sale results in clearer, smoother transactions as well as often full realization of desired price. It also allows for more balanced harmonious transaction for all concerned. I specialize in manifesting wealth and assist in creating good stewardship in all areas of wealth management.

Here is how it works: Up to $500K is 10%, $500K – 1Million is 12-15%. Above 1Million is a negotiated percentage in addition to a premium consulting rate of $3500 per hour. This is a guideline as to how this fee is calculated and is subject to individual assessment of the transaction details by Ana.

4) Do I get a receipt? Is it tax deductible?

  • Your receipt is your Paypal invoice confirmation of payment.
  • No other receipt will be sent unless arranged.
  • Your fees are a tax deductible business consultation expense. {please review particulars with your accountant}

5) What if I don’t have a business? Totally OK with me. Idea to action is my speciality. In transition, not sure what is next? Navigation, alignment clarity in your energy field, are especially key here. Getting your feet on the ground is first priority while clearing energy blocks and releasing your true desire to create the next phase well, and in tune with you.

We begin with exactly where you are now.

  • Book an Attunement Session here 
  • Have questions connect here  Still percolating? OK go here
  • Also see How to know if you’re ready? here or Why work with me? here
  • I work with Entrepreneurs and Creatives. My clients run the full spectrum of idea/ concept to multi million dollar enterprises.
  • Some are in transition from a corporate career, from stay at home moms, to talented artists ready to step up.
  • All are seeking clarity, understanding, knowing what is the next move.

Please note: Unless customized session times, or other considerations have been agreed upon these rules apply.

Thank you,