Wealth Review

In Depth Analysis of your Wealth as it is right now.

Clarity in what your wealth means, how it is being utilized, optimization of your resources, exploring what needs to shift in your perception/perspective to better allow prosperity to flourish.

What it delivers is peace of mind and an immediate sense of appreciation for what you have and often an actual increase in your financial wherewithal.

Provides deeper understanding of your total money picture, allowing you to make informed choices aligned with your values with clarity, inspiration and joy in every aspect of it.

We shift how you view your money and all of your wealth, while we clarify the story around what money is to you, what you expect of it, how to appreciate and enjoy what you have while exploring how it can be utilized more creatively.

In the process of our dynamic interaction in session, we see how your full money picture aligns with you where your are now, where it supports you, or needs a tune up; discovering where there is alignment or disconnect, while releasing any beliefs, patterns and ideas that may no longer be serving you.

This paves the way for your true expansion and brings immediate financial ease.

Money is energy. When you get stuck around what something costs, having enough, or when you feel any sense of lack, any anxiety or discomfort in the money arena, no matter what the numbers say, there is energy work to be done. It is never just about the money.

When you Seal your Intention with Action………Miracles Happen!

Doing the work of aligning your energy with your beliefs while taking empowered action allows you to manifest what you truly desire.

How it works: Three 75 minute sessions with email support.

My goal is to facilitate shifting you into magnetizing and monetizing your true vision of your life, in alignment, so that everything you choose has meaning and reward in harmony and balance.



When you Seal your Intention with Action………Miracles Happen!


Please note 72 hour notice is required on scheduled appointments. Payment in full is required prior to sessions. All payments are non refundable.