The Attunement: Connecting, Aligning and Setting the Tone

One time  initial 60 minute Discovery session over the phone where we see what is happening now, what you wish to shift,  we begin.

It allows you to experience the work, and to see how we work together as we clear any immediate issue right now.

Through experiencing the work, you connect to your own deeper place of knowing.

Result is you naturally choose more wisely.

What to expect:

  • clearer understanding of who you are
  • release of what is holding you back
  • shift in your perspective
  • experience more enthusiasm, and balance
  • manifest what you most truly desire



When you Seal your Intention with Action………Miracles Happen!


Once you pay for the Attunement session, you will receive an email within 24-48 hours, with two possible times to choose from based on availability.

You reply with what time is best for you. You will receive a confirmation email, this holds your time, your fee is applied to that session time booked.

Please note 72 hours notice is required on scheduled appointments. Payment in full is required prior to sessions. All payments are non refundable.