My passion for creating true avenues for change, is embodied in the Foundation I am creating.

Empowerment of women, sustainable economic development, community building, and world wide global economic change are activated when we realize how interconnected we all are and take strides to shift the current status quo. The ripple effect of positive action, considered care and dedicated support changes the world we live in, for all.

Causes that are close to my heart are global access to clean water, educational and economic opportunity, especially for women; who are often the bread winners and sole family support in many regions or our world. Women in particular create legacy shifts in their communities which has far reaching implications for wholeness, prosperity and cultural change for generations to come.

Within this group is the vast talent of unsung artisans who hold the key of creating wealth, nurturing a sustainable legacy of honoring craft while creating art. This serves to enrich, educate and create lasting prosperity; building wealth, creating sustainability with dignity, and building stronger communities who honor their priceless heritage. Modeling to the next generation the value inherent in their own culture and the possibility of living the tradition of it prosperously.

Within this amazing global world we have an astounding opportunity to heed the call of connectedness and wholeness; which is more accessible now than ever before. I truly believe we all have special gifts to bring to the challenges of our time, and in this modern age there are ways to communicate in split seconds across time zones across cultures. This immediacy of exchange has the pure potential to transform our world and transcend any limitation on a massive scale.

I believe in the power of heart connected and heart centered intention; seeing it firsthand transform and transcend situations and events before my eyes. It is both my honor and my pleasure to assist in realizing the fruition of this endeavor to develop ideas, cultivate joy and wonder, provide educational, and financial support and allow my call to action resonate in ways I could not ever have imagined.

Align intention with action while we participate in a globally conscious economic transformation now.

Through my consulting work I assist individuals, entrepreneurs, creatives, artists and artisans, writers, visionaries of all kinds to hone their strengths while aligning their purpose with passion and direction; manifesting wealth in extraordinary ways.

Living your gift is tremendously powerful and incredibly transformative. It is my great pleasure to assist with this wave of authentic leadership in action with joy.

Great Stupa of Boudhanath (alight at night)

When I was in Nepal on a spiritual pilgrimage years ago, I offered fruit to a few children near the Great Stupa of Boudhanath. Very swiftly I was absolutely swarmed by them and I emptied my wallet and the fruit stand in about 10 minutes. I will never forget the feeling of JOY, Abundance and absolute Bliss as it dawned on these children that they could have all that they wished for in that moment.

My spirit soared and I celebrated with them;  the treasure of the experience is that I know it matters .

Holding close the keen intention to assist with the troubles of this world and seeing massive and immediate possibility is what I am guided to actualize with this Foundation. It is more than just dollars it is a wholly global community of generosity of spirit, economic connectedness which creates wholeness.

Let us change this world by enriching it right now with the aspiration for health, wealth, and joy for all.