Meet Ana, of Dakinis Wisdom

Dare to dream! Transform your Life!

Year of Transformation

Meet Ana, of Dakinis Wisdom

Dare to dream! Transform your Life!

Year of Transformation

Connection, Inspiration, Alignment, and Integration, these are the essential elements of my intuitive work as we peel away what is in the way of you clearly seeing and being all that you came here to be.

I am Ana – spiritually attuned modern mystic. Intuition is my realm. Energy Alchemy, Intuitive Insight and taking Inspired Action are the keys to transforming and creating a life you truly love.

This is a journey of discovery and curiosity. Prepare to be amazed.

Through dynamic in session work, I connect with you directly and align you with the core of your being in a completely natural and tangible way. Allowing you to connect with and to manifest what you most truly desire while releasing all that holds you back from realizing it.

As an intuitive consultant I deliver alignment; shifting the energy around beliefs, experiences and desire. This transforms how you live, interact and what you choose to create. 

Whatever transition, disgruntlement, level of dissatisfaction has you seeking answers, meaning or understanding I can help. I hold a sacred space of compassion with keen awareness aligned with my intuition, which illuminates and eradicates simultaneously.

You emerge renewed, grounded, clearer, about what is real for you.

This shift in perspective, changes everything; the choices you make, what you truly value and knowing it; owning it fully and claiming it completely. It rewrites the story you tell yourself of what is possible, or doable. What you do with this is a game changer.

Present time alignment and connection allows you to discard what is not real for you; this is liberating to say the least!  Experience more ease immediately with a deeply delightful percolation of what might be next.

Your experience matters.

All that you have been through has honed your entire being.

The only way to understand what I am talking about is to have lived it, directly. It is the only way. How do I know because I have lived it. I have stood where you are, wondering what is next, how to reimagine, recalibrate and pick myself up to design my life the way I want. 

I have done it from the ground up entirely through my own ingenuity, soul searching and an unequivocal pursuit of Truth. The sanctity this has provided me with is laden with riches of joy, abundance and vitality.  I know that you can do it too.

Believe in Possibility, Trust, and the Power you hold to make it so.

It takes courage to make your life your own. To discard stories that are not yours and to stay the course when it is not yet evident how any of it will work. I am your beacon of light and of practical tactical savvy to getting your bearings while creating, and imagining all that you desire.

Alignment with your desire is pivotal. It creates a renewed and inspired commitment to mobilizing it from the integration of who you are with where you are right now, in present time.

To begin again or to change course mid stream, takes heart, savvy and commitment. I can help you to take the wheel. To chart your own course on your terms; more rewarding and delightful than you might believe right now.

Natural alignment, clarity in knowing what’s your next move;  you can trust that you will recognize the truth of what is yours when all the other overlays are cleared away.

Superimposed ideas and opinions onto your understanding does not work and it is not how I work. What does is to have me by your side; a clearly aligned ally helping you to see what is real, providing encouragement with clarity, revealing the gifts you already have while illuminating pathways of possibilities; 

Let’s see what can happen with a little bit of caring possibility and deeply attuned intuition. What would that feel like? Bliss.

Ready to come home? To explore further book an Attunement Session right now.

Time to make it real, connect.

Dare to dream

Imagine what’s possible, feel it fully

Take inspired action

Allow your radiance to shine, the gift of your unique signature, the piece only you hold.

Embrace it. Revel in it. Your deeper wisdom is just waiting to shine out into the world.

Celebrate who you are!

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Wishing you Joy in all that you seek,



‘If you have the good fortune of working with Ana, then count your lucky stars, and open to your life changing in powerful and wonderful ways. Her gift and ability to navigate, cut through and get to the heart of the issues at hand is truly extraordinary.’  

Elise Peters Designer/Artist, Oregon

'I would encourage anyone in complex business relations to seek working sessions with Ana.  Her ability to combine business sense with intuitive work is completely unique and immediately helpful.’ 

Carolyn Myers, Theatre Director San Francisco

‘Ana’s approach opens my mind up to constructive and healthy ways of thinking. She has taught me about the power of energy and how to use it in a positive way. Ana understands the way I create and is able to perceive what I need... the words she uses and the phrasing really speak to me. She speaks my language. Not only is she good she is excellent. Really.' 'Ana gets to the essence every single time. I have never met a professional who had that ability.'

L. H Artist, Paris, France


Dakini in sanskrit is a tantric female deity, the embodiment of enlightened energy. She who traverses the sky; or 'she who moves in space' Sky Dancer or Sky Walker. Dakinis are energetic beings in female form, evocative of the movement of energy in space; which is at the same time the pure potentiality of all manifestation. They represent the path of transformation; poison or negative emotion into the luminous energy of enlightened awareness.

‘Ana is a gem of gems’

‘With Ana, there is no pretense, no woo woo, no touchy feely. This is REAL, down to earth, no B.S. here. She is guiding me on my own path to find total freedom–in love, joy, ease, in truth and clarity, with total support and protection.

As old habits and baggage fall away, I can feel this, can see it, be it, embrace it more and more. How? Because this is the essence that Ana embodies within her own being.With her insightful gifts, enormously compassionate heart and keen mind, she helps me navigate my world in order to manifest my visions and dreams to their fullest extent.’

E Yang, MD, Tucson, Arizona

'The results of our session revealed themselves almost immediately in my inter-personal relationships and communications. This shift has allowed me to be more present, enabling me to make sound business choices, which have freed me enormously.

Denai Grace Fuller, Founder CocoPlum, Oregon