Corporate Clients

You are here if you are an Artist/Creator, Visionary, CEO or Chief Creative Player, of your own company or creative venture.  Your revenue/assets exceeds two million dollars.

You have a Vision or a Venture already in motion or ready to launch, and you are seeking ways to mobilize it further, to actualize what you seek and to bring it to fruition.

It could be for an innovative, sustainable approach to solving one of the major issues of our time such as creating a non profit container, or launching an event or manifesting a dream you have that you wish to realize fully. Your Visions is likely quantum in scope with far reaching implications for the generations of the future. You think in terms of legacy, and future generations.

This Vision/Venture requires mobilizing resources, people, money and ideas on a global scale. I can assist you, immediately, in knowing which move to make and when, with whom and with an eye to the practical concerns of resources time, money and ingenuity while keeping the flame of inspiration vibrantly alive.

The interplay of team dynamics, project trajectories with time and money investment possibilities are intricate and highly volatile within organizations once they reach a critical mass in revenue/assets. Assisting you in navigating these intrepid waters is what I do best.

I specialize in these intricate relationships, dynamics and the decisions they involve. In fact this is where I began with this work. My first corporate client offered me six figures for six weeks work. His board did not even know what exactly it is that I do.

Big Vision aligned with real world, real time actualization. Allowing what you envision to meet the world with strategic intention and aligned action.

Clarity. Alignment. Integration. Big ideas matched with practical tactical on the ground navigation.

Vision meets real world manifestation. Wealth in time, money, and resources.

My fee is different for those of you at this level. It is reflected in the breadth and depth of the work required.

You are seeking clarity, ingenuity and solutions. Understanding and a deeper sense of knowing where you are and what’s next.

At this level every move has bigger curves. So clarity and alignment with your next move is frankly invaluable.

Book a Session now if:

  • you seek alignment, understanding and desire more clarity in where you are and what’s next
  • you are experiencing expansion and growth at a level you did not anticipate and want to make the right decision in line with your values and your vision
  • you need team to handle it, now; you want to add exponential support while allowing everyone to grow
  • you are choosing partnerships/alliances and seek clairity and understanding in which is most aligned
  • you are inundated with ideas, hearing lots of opinions, everybody is weighing in, how to get your own barometer on, while manifesting all that are true for you and your venture


Our work together aligns you to know, keenly, what is right for you. The timing becomes evident. Bold moves, inspired action from clarity, understanding and alignment.

Connect, show up be willing to explore. We start with where you are and go from there. Much can be accomplished in a  focused hour of keen support. Sustained integration requires sessions tailored to your schedule and priorities; we explore that further once we connect.

Clarity Session;  60 minutes via telephone between 11 am and 3 pm pacific.

Experience the work to see if it is a fit for you. In the process we address your most immediate situation.




How it works:

What we create, together, is a customized approach that works for what you need right now. Always, the framework of the work is from now. Dealing in real time with what is happening currently in tandem with what you envision, seek and truly desire.

This may include, initially more intensive support in weekly clarity sessions or extended sessions to illuminate the core dynamics of your world, and how it fits with what you wish to shift, create, clear.

We calibrate the sequence of our work together to include whatever is the priority now. This may include ongoing envision mapping, team dynamic and interaction, wealth mapping, best use of resources in choosing the right collaborations to participate with and opportunities to accept.

How to know what is truly in accord and what requires a definitive letting go. It is remarkable what shifts and leaves the room when clarity enters it.

We get to create this alliance and adjust it as we go.

Each business, enterprise or endeavor is different. I am keen for you to succeed, so we customize my time and yours to align your desire with your choices.

What it costs?

Corporate retainers start at $35,000. I am often booked out several months in advance. My billable time is $3500 per hour. All work with my eyes on it is based at this rate.

Might be good to know that I work swiftly and that my clients experience immediate results.

What is required?

I love what I do. I have a high calibre of excellence in how I show up. I expect my clients to do just that, show up. You do not have to figure anything out, or know what or how, or understand anything further than just that you seek clarity.

Be willing to see the situation, release what is in the way, shift the energy with me,  and choose from this new vista of awareness.

Clarity brings clear intention. Result you choose more wisely. Saving time and money in the process while delivering peace of mind, alignment and flourishing of what you desire.

What is that worth to you?

Wishing you well in all that you are.

Have questions connect with me. Let’s explore what you seek.








All fees are pre paid and fully non refundable. Your scheduled time is held for you, as such, 72 hours notice is required to change, cancel or alter your time.

Still Percolating?

What I can tell you is the success of your choices often depends upon how clear you are when you make that choice. Likewise I invite you to sit with this possibility of our work together. How do you feel right now? What comes up for you?

I invite you to look a year out and see what is possible.

What do you imagine as your ideal world? Where would you like to be?

What does the rhythm of your day look like? Who sits with you at the table with your business? Are they with you or not? How does being empowered feel, what is its value?

I am here to assist you in making the clearest decisions aligned with your own knowing. Delivering prosperity and alignment.

Wishing you well in all that you are.