Business Review

In Depth Analysis of your Business as it is right Now.

Clarity in what you do, and optimization of all your resources. We deal with the practical tactical real world connection of how your business, enterprise or creative endeavor meets the world as it is now.

In the process of our dynamic interaction in session, we see how your inspiration is supported and flourishing and where it needs a tune up.

We see where there is alignment or disconnect which guides what needs to change. This is the what’s working model.

Energetically you and your business are in a unified field of creation. We all are. Alignment in intention and action provide swift, often immediate results of clarity, inspiration and prosperity.

This allows you to manifest what you truly desire, while fine tuning and recalibrating how your vision meets the world sustainably and with ease.

We look at what is working, and shift what is not, to cultivate the full flourishing of your vision.

We see where the energy is flowing and where there are gaps.

We look at the numbers, your team, your brand and see how this meets the world now. Asking with real curiosity, what if?

Seeing what needs to shift, what can be released, created, integrated and mobilized.

Expect to sleep better at night and to get a bigger piggy bank.


How it works: Three 75 minute sessions with email support.

My goal is to facilitate shifting you into magnetizing and monetizing your true vision in alignment so that everything you create has meaning and reward in harmony and balance.

What it does:

  • Clarifies what is really going on financially and energetically so you can connect with your endeavor fully; this instigates prosperity, fulfillment, and joy.
  • Reconnection to the original spark of Why you created it in the first place.
  • Allows your idea to truly flourish by clearing and tending to the foundation of how it manifests now.
  • Provides solutions to implement which allows what you envision to appear swiftly.
  • Identifies opportunities for growth and expansion while maximizing resources, which you already have, in ways that create immediate cash flow and sustainable growth.



When you Seal your Intention with Action………Miracles Happen!


Please note 72 hour notice is required on scheduled appointments. Payment in full is required prior to sessions. All payments are non refundable.