‘If you have the good fortune of working with Ana, then count your lucky stars, and open to your life changing in powerful and wonderful ways. Her gift and ability to navigate, cut through and get to the heart of the issues at hand is truly extraordinary.’  Elise Peters Designer/Artist, Oregon

‘Ana is a gem of gems’

‘With Ana, there is no pretense, no woo woo, no touchy feely. This is REAL, down to earth, no B.S. here. She is guiding me on my own path to find total freedom–in love, joy, ease, in truth and clarity, with total support and protection. As old habits and baggage fall away, I can feel this, can see it, be it, embrace it more and more. How? Because this is the essence that Ana embodies within her own being. With her insightful gifts, enormously compassionate heart and keen mind, she helps us navigate our world in order to manifest our visions, our dreams to their fullest extent.’

E Yang, MD, Tucson, Arizona

‘Ana’s approach opens my mind up to constructive and  healthy ways of thinking. She has taught me about the power of energy and how to use it in a positive way.

‘I have tried several different therapies and counseling and she is the only one who totally gets me. Ana is able to perceive what I need in terms of direction and help me define what areas I need clarification in. One of the most important experiences I have in working with her is the feeling that my way of approaching things is valid rather than wrong.

‘Ana speaks my language.  Not only is she good but she is excellent. Really.

‘I have listened to the tapes many many times and Ana gets to the essence every single time. I have never met a professional who had that ability.’

She understand the way I create. After our session I booked the model to pose for me and have made several sculptures this week. I just listened to the recording again from our recent session, the words she uses and the phrasing really speak to me, it helps so much to re listen to it.’

‘WOW’ L. H Artist, Paris, France

‘Ana came into my life miraculously and by no accident. She entered my life at a time that I needed the type of support, love, healing, etc…that she so beautifully holds space for. Not only was she able to intuit information and guidance that literally rescued me from making changes in my life that could have potentially caused me harm, but she continues to hold beautiful abundant space for me and my business.

Very positive shifts occurred in my life after receiving sessions from her and I am so very grateful.  Thank you Ana ~ You are amazing and I love you!

Jeanne Normand White, MSOM, L.Ac., Siskiyou Clinic of Natural Medicine, Ashland OR

Ana, she’s the real deal. I have no tolerance for a lot of woo woo, new agey anything, and my experience with her and her insights to my wish to find land for my welding and how to make that a business enterprise was completely accurate, authentic and extremely helpful.

Most people who try to go any kind of route with me on the ‘intuitive’ or this is what I see zone, turn me right off. In her case she has a lot of real mojo and you can feel it. I highly recommend her and her gift to help you in anyway you need, as she is a caring, deeply in tune person who can handle anything.

Ana, thank you for sharing your fearless heart.   Shawn, Metal Worker, New Mexico


‘I reached out for guidance to Ana while in turmoil in the midst of an emotionally charged business decision. During the session I saw how embroiled I was in a familiar pattern of pain and recrimination, which seriously impacted my ability to function with ease and grace.

Ana assisted me in removing a persistent, possibly life long, emotional and mental pattern which displayed itself as unhealthy reactionary responses to certain triggers.

The results of our session revealed themselves almost immediately in my inter-personal relationships and communications. This shift has allowed me to be more present, therein enabling me to make sound business choices, which have freed me enormously.

This personal ‘clearing’ released significant energy restored to me in a way I could not have imagined.’

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Denai Grace Fuller, Founder CocoPlum LLC, Oregon


‘My three sessions with Ana are still a source of amazement to me.

….My work, on bringing my professional self as a theater director into alignment with my spiritual values, continues.  Even in three informal sessions, Ana provided me with a basis and support for contacting and trusting my own intuitive self that I have used throughout my last working season.  Several people who have worked with me before mentioned that they found working with me much simpler than previously – that I expressed what I wanted, and showed less hesitancy in making decisions, even unpopular ones.  They, of course, found this hugely relieving, because a “boss” that does the “boss’s work” left them freer to do their own.

I would encourage anyone in complex business relations to seek working sessions with Ana.  Her ability to combine business sense with intuitive work is completely unique and immediately helpful.’
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Carolyn Myers, Theatre Director,  San Francisco


‘ Big heart, clear mind, delivers truth with compassion and clarity’ C.H NYC

‘A powerful soul doing cosmic things” ‘ J.L California 

‘Radiant, clear, mystical and powerful…..gifted’ R.M Canada

‘I felt so much lighter, like a burden had been lifted and I looked at the world differently. It cheered me up so much, and I saw people and the situation of my life in a new way, so helpful, Ana changed my life and did so effortlessly I only really felt it when I gazed around me with new eyes’ C.W Oregon

‘I had no idea what to expect and really was not so sure. What is remarkable is I immediately felt at ease like I was talking to someone who only had my best interest at heart and was not just going to tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. I was able to shift my perspective this made all the difference because I saw it so clearly.’  Anonymous

‘Compelling, fearless allowed me to know what I wanted to do next’ Anonymous

‘Amazing’ D.D Utah

‘Totally got me’ W. W. 

‘Makes everything seem workable and clear, she really helped me in a challenging situation, so grateful’ R.B Oregon