What is the secret ingredient to people you see who seem to effortlessly manifest whatever they wish and move from each endeavor with such wonderful ease?

They my dear friend, are in their zone. Note it is not the zone it is their zone, and we all have it, where our strengths and skills simply shine.

I see people struggle with all these outer strategies and ways to be, when the truth, the secret is within you, within each of us and is so potent, unique and awe inspiring you will not believe it ’til you see it and experience it for yourself.

Yes we can learn and be grateful for the example of other people’s life course and rejoice with them for their success for their wealth, fame whatever it is that they have that we think we do not. They have what they have, and we are discovering our own gold mine of riches. Which is perhaps a bit untapped a bit elusive, even in the midst of whatever we may be going through right now. However it does not mean that it is not there. IT is there.

All the wonder, ease, joy and flow you seek is right where you are standing. The more you tune into what brings you joy, what you en-joy and find that creative spark which is a pathway to the treasure trove…..go there!

Do something you can fully en-gage in, that encompasses your attention, that fills you up, makes you feel good, embraces you empowers you…..see how that feels. How does it look? Where and in what ways are you doing this kind of activity in your life now? Where can you do more of it?

How can you cultivate this flow, ease, joy more?

When you choose what is in accord for you, uniquely illuminating for you, you begin to encounter your zone; it is inexhaustible and wondrous and well worth seeing.

How you move into this space more and more is by choosing that which feels good to you, and in accord with you. So take the time to explore and see what you discover…surprises and delight await

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